I have loved Wake County since my family and I moved here in 1986.  We moved here for work but chose Wake County to live because of the great schools. We have not been disappointed.  This is a great area to live and raise a family. All four of my children graduated from the Wake County Public School System.  They have all gone on to have successful careers and start families of their own.  I now have grandchildren in our school system with more to start in the future.

I have a vested interest in Wake County Schools for a long time to come.  Because of my love for our school system and a passion for public education, I chose to serve on the Wake County Board of Education from 1991 – 1999 while my own children were in school. We experienced personally the traditional, magnet, and year round schools.  My family has lived the school system.  I do believe that my own children were well prepared to go on to their careers because of great teachers, counselors, coaches, and school leadership. I can say that bus drivers greeted them with smiles and safely got them to school.

I was involved in their schools, and I saw what dedication it took to be sure that all children were treated fairly. I have continued to stay active in our community and the schools. I came back on the Board in 2016 and would like to have another term to serve Wake County.

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  • I am a pharmacist and have worked in hospitals and cancer centers in Wake County the entire time that we have lived here.
  • I have especially enjoyed my career in Oncology where I believe I can help patients the most.


  • I continue to believe in my community and believe it’s my responsibility to be a part of it staying healthy.
  • Church is very important to me.  My life there has helped me raise children that are aware and serve others.
  • Mission work is my passion. I go to third world countries on Gospel centered medical mission teams.  I thrive here most when I can care  for people with very little.  They are gracious and thankful for any care given to them in very harsh conditions.
  • Commitment and involvement with local charities.
  • Political involvement on the local level.

I am committed to Wake County and believe that strong public schools are the foundation of a successful community.




“These candidates have a deep understanding of the challenges that face our public school system, and we believe they are dedicated to modeling the courageous leadership that will provide our students with the opportunities and resources to thrive in their learning environments,” said Wake NCAE President Kristin Beller. “A Wake NCAE endorsement lets voters know that we value these candidates’ commitment to making the Wake County Public School System the best choice for all families living in this district.”


  • GROWTH: Growth will continue for Wake County. Our school system will be a part of that. Projecting and planning for growth will continue to be a challenge.  Home schooling and charters are a part of this formula that we need to best predict. Funding and fiscal planning is very important for our taxpayers.  Open and ongoing conversations with our public remain critical during these challenges.
  • TRANSPARENCY: People who know me hopefully are very aware of my willingness to meet and talk about most anything. I really want to know concerns and successes that they have had in our schools.  I believe that I like this most about being on the Board of Education.  I like people and I like to listen to their stories.  I like to encourage and find solutions where possible.
  • SCHOOL SUPPORT:  I want every single school to have the tools to meet the needs of the students that they are serving. I believe, passionately, that it starts with the Principal and the support they have to run their individual schools. I think we need good leadership in the school first.  Then we need to listen to that team about what works and doesn’t work. This also means less mandates legislatively and certainly less unfunded mandates. Attracting and keeping great principals can be a challenge. However, it’s possible.
  • COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: We live in a bountiful community.  Funding for public schools will always be lacking but community support will not.  We need to partner more in order to serve more.  I am sure that everyone understands the part a great school system plays in a great community.  It’s our responsibility as public servants and business leaders to work together to maintain that collaboration.

“Roxie will be a strong School Board member.  She has the experience, perspective, and common sense to make great decisions. She also is a wonderful communicator, and she will listen to parents and taxpayers about the needs of our school system.”


+Abbotts Creek Elementary
+Baileywick Elementary
+Brassfield Elementary
+Durant Road Elementary
+Durant Road Middle
+East Millbrook Middle

+Forest Pines Elementary
+Fox Road Elementary
+Millbrook High
+North Forest Pines Elementary
+North Ridge Elementary
+Pleasant Union Elementary

+Wakefield Elementary
+Wakefield High
+Wakefield Middle
+West Millbrook Middle
+Wildwood Forest Elementary